Well, one event down for this year's holiday season. I have a couple more events to do, but I was super happy for this one, because my table was situated right beside my groovy little sister (Christina, of Miss Messy Jewelry) and my awesome mom (Darlene, who was there doing AVON). That always equals a good time!

Chrissie was promoting her handmade (and super cute!) jewelry, but the best thing was that she brought little bubble soap things to give out! And so Chrissie and I were having the bubble war of the century (while we were supposed to be working at our tables, whoops...). Many thanks to my little sister for making the day so much more fun!

I had a pretty good setup I think! And I had a good time with my family, which seems to be a lot more important now that I am in my soon-to-be-mid-30's.

Bring on the next fundraising event! I am so ready...