WOW!  Life sort of got away from my for a while there.  Don't you just love it when things are all crazy-like?  Me, not so much!  But at least with the summer ending, I should hopefully be able to get some rest sooner or later.

  Needless to say, the walk-a-thon got postponed due to scheduling conflicts, for this year at least!  So we at the foundation headquarters have been trying to come up with new and exciting ways of raising funds and awareness for our cause.  We came up with the *Positive Graffiti Project*, which has been a lot of fun so far!  (Check that initiative out online at  Keeping with that same trend, we are starting up The Positivity Project (, which everyone should totally get involved with!

  In any case, the weather is starting to get a wee bit cooler, the days are slowly starting to get shorter, and I think we are all in need of some serious positivity!  Never hurt anyone after all, right?