I have finally done it... I have come up with an explanation for why I act the way that I do (a tad overly optimistic, shall we say?). And it all ties back to my theory about daisies.

Daisies are the highest life form... were you aware of this? Think about it: a daisy is a very simple flower with a big yellow centre, a few white petals and a couple of very basic leaves. A daisy's ENTIRE purpose in life is to make people smile.

That is a noble purpose!! I have a crazy amount of respect for daisies because of this. If reincarnation really is a thing, then I think we will all be coming back as daisies in our last loop before we hit Nirvana.

So what does this have to do with the way that I act? Well, I have been going around and trying to spread the good for years now... but I have never really had a term for what exactly it is that I am doing. I have been calling myself a "Professional Happy Thought" for quite some time now, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I figured out the significance behind it all.

By spreading the good (and encouraging others to do the same), I am actually planting a field of wild daisies. Why WILD daisies, you ask? Because that's just it! We are wild! Nothing can stop us!! And so it is our mission (all of us) to go around trying to raise the vibration of the areas where we live and work. It is our mission to go about spreading the good. And it is our duty to help encourage everyone else to do the same.

We can change the world, people. It starts with something as simple as a smile.

If you want more information about the Wild Daisy Movement, please send me a message!! This summer (2018) it all begins...