As another week draws to a close, I was sitting here reflecting on the things that I managed to get done and what I accomplished this past week (and during the month of February as a whole). This month has actually been absolutely incredible when it comes to my physical recovery! I can now lift more weight, do more reps and accomplish so much more than I ever dreamed in the gym. I am actually doing well in school and really understanding and learning the material (which is sort of a new experience for me). I am feeling better, sleeping better, and all around just DOING better than I have in more than a decade. 

16 years ago. That's how long it has been since I went through the whole experience with having my second stroke. I was 16 at the time, so that's now half a lifetime ago. But I feel like I have actually accomplished a ton in that time, so it's all good *grin*

A couple of goals for the month of March.....
  • Keep increasing the amount of weight that I can lift! Let's see how high I can go
  • Keep getting stellar grades as I finish this class that I am currently in and move into the next one
  • Make more quality time for my family (especially my grandparents... this is becoming increasingly more important as time goes on)
  • Loads of quality time with my man. Alex is super important in my life right now, and as that has been going really well, I want to keep working at it so that it will continue that way
  • Get my garden planning done for this year! And get some of my seedlings started indoors
  • Keep writing! Even though my blogging has taken a back burner because of school, it is still one of the only things that keeps me sane
Goals are useful things to have... they help keep us on track and moving forward.