It feels incredibly hard to believe that it has already been more than six months since Christmas!!  But here we are, barrelling toward the middle of July already!  That means… technically only two and a bit months left of summer and the beautiful warm weather we have been having, Daylight Savings Time has already passed which means that the days are already getting shorter, and (gasp!) there are only ten-ish months left until my wedding date.  Wowzers.  Time really does fly sometimes.

    I am looking to set up a fundraising/charity car wash, hopefully for the beginning of August.  Utilizing the fact that my house is right across the street from a huge gas station that should have water for us to use, I have piles of friends willing to volunteer and help wash the cars, and (most importantly) it’s summer!  People (men anyway) always seem to be looking for excuses to get their car washed by ladies clad in shorts and bikini tops… right??  Here’s hoping anyhow.

    This summer is going to hold a ton of planning for things yet to come… more fundraising events, a new program I want to start running, and a few other neat little things to watch out for.  Peace out   J