You know how personal growth is a continuous thing (or it should be at least)? I like it much more when it's evenly spread out over the course of months or years... but in the last two or three months (since beginning my co-op for school), I have been hit with a whammy of growth, development and maturing.

It's a lot to handle, or at least I feel that it is. Learning about decision making, making wiser decisions, budgeting, managing my time better, managing my life better... 


My 34th birthday was about a week and a half ago... it's astounding how different my 30's have been from my 20's! Absolutely amazing.... in the best way!

I feel like so much of it has to do with my co-op for school though. I am a Food Coach for an incredible program called Get Real To Heal. This is a 12-week program that educates and empowers people so that they can kick-start the habits that will lead to sustainable change, regardless of what life throws their way... because let's face it - we want it all! The weight loss, healthier skin, more energy, ditching unhealthy habits... well, this 12 week program is designed to be as flexible as your goals! The program gives people the scientific understanding and emotional accountability to be able to set themselves up for success.

As a food coach, it is my job to support and mentor my clients through the program, and in the process help them get real with themselves. It is by far one of the toughest jobs I have ever had!! But I am learning so much and loving everything about it. The trouble is just that it's actually a TON of work! 

So wish me luck.... my goal has always been to help people wherever I can, and this sure is a step in the right direction! 

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