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Wrapping up another year of fundraising

Posted by AVM Foundation on Sunday, December 3, 2017,
Well, the last fundraising event of 2017 was last weekend... and overall, we did really well this year! I met a ton of really super people, raised a bunch of awareness and sold a lot of angels. 

I think that I am starting to learn or inherit my mom's most amazing ability to set up table displays really nicely... not quite as good as mom's yet, but getting close! 

     (I think that I looked pretty snazzy too...)

Still selling the angel figurines... we have sold 
thousands of these by now!...
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Event #1 = success! Fun times too

Posted by AVM Foundation on Monday, November 6, 2017,
Well, one event down for this year's holiday season. I have a couple more events to do, but I was super happy for this one, because my table was situated right beside my groovy little sister (Christina, of Miss Messy Jewelry) and my awesome mom (Darlene, who was there doing AVON). That always equals a good time!

Chrissie was promoting her handmade (and super cute!) jewelry, but the best thing was that she brought little bubble soap things to give out! And so Chrissie and I were having the bubb...
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Welcome to winter!

Posted by AVM Foundation on Saturday, December 21, 2013,
  My goodness, where did the last half of this year go??  Time has flown since the summer and planning for The SHINE! Festival was in full swing.  The festival itself turned out great - amazing music, played to an amazing crowd.  Plans for what we do different next year are being discussed, and other then that, it's safe to say that SHINE! is on hold for the holidays  :)

  On an awesome note - today, one of my incredibly amazing volunteers from SHINE! came with me out to the Sick Kids Foundati...
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