August 17th, 2013 – Oakville, ON – This summer, one young lady and her family are making a rather loud statement to raise funds and awareness… in the form of a benefit concert.  Veronica McCombe is bringing her foundation (The Special AVM Research & Awareness Fund, benefiting The Hospital For Sick Children) to Coronation Park on Saturday August 17th, 2013 to rock the stage with an afternoon and evening of live music, guest speakers and fun!  This is the first year that The SHINE! Festival is happening here in Oakville, though the AVM Foundation has high hopes for it and believes that it could become an annual event.  The first band takes the stage around 3:30pm, and the music will continue until around 9:45pm.  Artists that are scheduled to perform include Sarah Jordan, Rebekah Stevens, J’aime Payne, “The Reverend H.C. and The Grievous Angels Choir”, Barry Szeto and J’Nai.  The afternoon and evening of live music will wrap up after Oakville native Zara Ahmed takes the stage at 9:00pm to rock Coronation Park with her ear-catching and soulful songs. 

The cause that the funds raised will be put towards is one close to Veronica McCombe’s heart.  She has been the head of the AVM Foundation ever since she founded it back in 2001, after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage from her intracranial AVM that nearly killed her.  An AVM (or ArterioVenous Malformation) is an abnormally formed cluster of blood vessels that a person can be born with anywhere in their body.  These weaker than average vessels can burst, causing things like stroke, paralysis or even death.  Naturally, those in the cranium are of special concern due to their close proximity to the brain.  Treatments are often painful and ineffective, and more research is desperately needed to find better diagnosis, treatments or possibly even one day a prevention for this condition. 

The Special AVM Research & Awareness Fund was founded in 2001 by Veronica White and her family here in Oakville.  The foundation holds events throughout the year to raise much-needed funds and awareness of the condition ArterioVenous Malformation.  Further information can be found on the condition at

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