My goodness, where did the last half of this year go??  Time has flown since the summer and planning for The SHINE! Festival was in full swing.  The festival itself turned out great - amazing music, played to an amazing crowd.  Plans for what we do different next year are being discussed, and other then that, it's safe to say that SHINE! is on hold for the holidays  :)

  On an awesome note - today, one of my incredibly amazing volunteers from SHINE! came with me out to the Sick Kids Foundation office today to drop off a cheque for all of the fundraising that we did this year.  It was great!  We got a tour of the hospital (she had never actually been there before), and the cheque presentation went awesome too.  Tons of thanks to Connie from the Foundation office for her help and support with the event!

  Well, it's already almost Christmas... is everyone ready for the holidays?  We ran a few fundraising events through the end of summer and the fall, which went pretty great.  I have a few really big plans for the new year though, so stay tuned!