Well, the last fundraising event of 2017 was last weekend... and overall, we did really well this year! I met a ton of really super people, raised a bunch of awareness and sold a lot of angels. 

I think that I am starting to learn or inherit my mom's most amazing ability to set up table displays really nicely... not quite as good as mom's yet, but getting close! 

     (I think that I looked pretty snazzy too...)

Still selling the angel figurines... we have sold 
thousands of these by now! They have been a big part of this since I first started fundraising, back in the fall of 2001. Wow, soooo long ago!!

So I will be heading out to The Hospital For Sick Children sometime in early January to drop off a cheque with this year's proceeds. Pictures of that coming soon!

All of us here at the AVM Foundation headquarters would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderfully festive and happy holiday season! Stay warm, enjoy the holidays and have fun with your families over the winter break!